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DanceSport is a relatively new term  invented in 1988 in order to enhance the profile of the sport of competitive Ballroom Dancing. It can be defined as an individual and team sport in which participants move rhythmically to music either in a social  / leisure setting or competitive event.

Competitive dancing started at the turn of the 20th century, so it is not new. However over the following decades it was often restrictive and sometimes ridiculed. Hence, in order to change this attitude it was thought necessary to develop the activity along proper sporting lines.

Since 1988, DanceSport has developed tremendously - so much so it is now used as a general term to cover all forms of leisure and competitive dancing, and to separate it from those dance forms which are not naturally competitive, and are more generally referred to as performing arts. The latter would include ballet, stage dancing

and so on.

One way of differentiating between the sport of dancing and the pure art of dancing (performing arts) is the former requires officials; the latter requires an audience. DanceSport like all sports also has a competition structure regulated by various governing bodies.

In the 1990, DanceSport was officially recognised as a sport by the International Olympic Committee, (IOC) although it is yet to be included in the Olympic Games proper. Hopefully it will be included at some time in the future in the Summer Games. It is however included in the alternative Olympic Games held every 4 years alternate to the main games. These are called the World Games and it includes those sports not yet

involved in the main Olympic Games itself. DanceSport is also part of other games

such as the Asian Games.

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